Range of Tasks

In United Europe the political course for a mobile society on a global basis is set in Brussels. IVM feels responsible for seeing that the political and social relevance of motorcycles with respect to traffic, economy and environment is taken into appropriate consideration on a European and on a national basis. In order to do so, IVM draws on effective and efficient lobby work as well as on well-aimed public relations work.

Apart from intensive PR work in politics and economy the IVM's know-how contributes to numerous committees and working groups in Brussels and Berlin. The IVM representatives contribute their expertise in the fields of European legislation as regards vehicle documents, driving license regulations, emission values and other related topics and thereby represent the motorcycle trade's interest. On a national basis IVM stays in close contact to all involved parties and decision-makers as well as to organizations and clubs. With this consistent lobby work IVM sees to optimise the acceptance of motorized two-wheelers in the public.

For its members IVM provides synergetic effects while simultaneously seeing to the preservation of resources. The association regularly provides economically and politically significant information for all participating enterprises, edits statistical material relevant to its members and analyses important components influencing the motorcycle trade. Furthermore, the IVM coordinates the development and carrying out of campaigns that support the members’ interests and promote the market. On the basis of sociodemographic data from Germany one main focus of IVM work is on youth related topics.

Steering Committee

The German Motorcycle Industry Association e.V. represents the German motorcycle industry: manufacturers and importers of motorcycles and scooters, as well as manufacturers and importers of motorcycle gear and motorcycle equipment.

The more than 50 members associated in IVM represent 95 per cent of the German motorcycle market. IVM advocates the experience of motorcycle and scooter riding. "Lobby work for powered two-wheelers" is the most important function of the association that participates and co-decides in politics and society, in numerous committees and in dialogues with decision-makers