Steering commitee

The IVM's head is a Steering Committee that consists of the President and two Vice Presidents elected from the ordinary members, as well as one Vice President elected from the supporting members. The highest organ is the General Meeting. The association's daily work is carried out by the staff of the headquarters' premises in Essen, led by the general manager.

In order to consider specific interests and interrelated subjects there are expert committees and research groups that are supervised by the office in Essen. Furthermore the IVM represents its members on an international basis in research groups of the European Association ACEM and in committees of the European Union.

Henning Putzke (President)

Henning Putzke, Leiter BMW Motorrad Deutschland


Jan Breckwoldt (First Vice President)

Jan Breckwoldt, Managing Director Peugeot Motocycles Deutschland


Jürgen Höpker-Seibert (2nd Vice President)

Jürgen Höpker-Seibert, Deputy Branch Manager and Manager Sales Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V. Niederlassung Deutschland


Ronald Kabella (3rd Vice President)

Ronald Kabella, Director Powersports of the Bucher AG Langenthal “Motorex Oil of Switzerland”

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