Energy, know-how, passion: Being a federal association, IVM represents the concerns of the motorcycle industry at a national and international level. Unerringly, we support our members' interests, in political bodies, at a professional level and in the general public. In Germany, in Europe, worldwide.


The German Motorcycle Industry Association e.V. represents the German motorcycle industry: manufacturers and importers of motorcycles and scooters, as well as manufacturers and importers of motorcycle gear and motorcycle equipment.

The 52 members associated in IVM represent 95 per cent of the German motorcycle market. IVM advocates the experience of motorcycle and scooter riding. "Lobby work for powered two-wheelers" is the most important function of the association that participates and co-decides in politics and society, in numerous committees and in dialogues with decision-makers.


  • 2014-09-30 | Cologne

    INTERMOT Cologne 2014 - Statement Reiner Brendicke

    IVM General Executive Manager Reiner Brendicke
    Opening Press Conference INTERMOT Cologne 2014

    In May 2013 an important impulse for more mobility in the Federal Republic of Germany was activated. This impulse came from the eastern federal states. From Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Politicians there dared to implement more mobility in a model test called “Moped Führerschein mit 15” (Driving license for mopeds at 15).

    The state secretary in the Saxon Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment and Transport, Roland Werner, one of the “fathers” of this model test, was in permanent contact with IVM in this matter. When I will meet him on the premises later this morning, I will congratulate him on his success as regards this model test. As a matter of fact, DEKRA, that advised the project, is praising the driving license AM at age 15. According to DEKRA, adolescents living in rural areas show considerable interest in passing the driving license category AM at 15.

  • 2014-09-30 | Cologne

    INTERMOT Cologne 2014 - Statement Heiner Faust

    IVM President Heiner Faust
    Opening Press Conference INTERMOT Cologne 2014

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    what has boosted our market? Which impulse brought a plus of 8.4 for powered two-wheelers and even so 6.3 per cent for the total market? Was it the ‘economic automat’ Germany, which let “Newsweek” announce a “German Century”, giving hope to the business for a “German Bike Century” or better a “European Bike Century”?

  • 2014-09-30 | Cologne

    INTERMOT Cologne 2014 – Program of Events

    High-wheel artistry – Outdoors
    70,000 square metres! The surface area for all events and activities. And the stars of the Freestyle MX scene. Rock’n Roll around the INTERMOT.

    For the first time the Motto-Wear-Legend Stunt Team from Moscow with Marat Kankadze (Husqvarna SM511R), Yury Verkhovnikov (Kawasaki ZX6R) and Valery Kulesha (Suzuki LT450R) will appear on the scene. More stunts will be performed in the stunt shows: Apart from Dirk Manderbach (BMW), Oliver Ronzheimer and Chris Rid (both on Kawasaki), Horst Hoffmann and Dominik Csauth (both on Suzuki) Rafal Pasierbek (Yamaha), internationally known as “Stunter 13”, will amaze the large audience with possible and impossible stunts on their motorbikes.